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Are you having trouble attracting potential buyers to notice your property photos? You feel nervous about this issue. Look no further! We – the Fotosolution team are here to transform your real estate marketing strategy with our excellent, specific to an industry photo editing service.

Introducing FOTOSOLUTION – Professional Real Estate Images Editing Service, the amazing destination for excellent real estate photo editing! 🌟

📸 We have a professional editor team with the best skill on real estate editing. We improve overall quality, adjust angles, swap out skies, eliminate extraneous items, and even digitally stage empty rooms with painstaking attention to detail. We take great satisfaction in our ability to differentiate your listings from the competition!
💼 The reason – Why choose us?
✅ Years of Experience: have more that 12-year experience in Real Estate image and video processing. We are focusing on HDR image editing, Retouching, Virtual Stagging, Floor Plan, Virtual Dusk … and working hard to bring best quality, faster turnaround time with lower cost.
✅ High – Quality: Our talented team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and tools to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.
✅ Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of timeliness in the real estate market. We always try to complete and delivery the result in faster turnaround time, lower cost with automation delivery and transparency workflows.
✅ Competitive Pricing: We offer affordable pricing plans starting at just $0.4/image, providing excellent value for your investment.
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Just send your images with a short brief, we always offer free trial for your first order or free testing for bulk order.
📩Hope you could take a short time to look into our website and we really appreciate if receiving your feedback, our friendly team is ready to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

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Virtual Twilight and The Touch of Magic To Your Photos

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of magic to your listing photos? A great suggestion for you is that use to virtual twilight services for your product. Especially, it is the ultimate solution when you can’t schedule a twilight shoot!

Twilight, sometimes referred to as the golden hour, is a magical time of day that forms the basis of virtual twilight photography. Understanding the advantage of twilight, real estate photographers may add warmth, depth, and passion to their photos by capturing the enchantment of twilight, giving them an attraction that encourages viewers and makes an impression. However, in fact that will the weather favor your photography. It hard to make sure that the great weather will support you as your shoot. Or simply, you take daytime photo, but your client wants to get the twilight photo. That’s a reason why you should choose virtual staging services – the touch of magic to your photos.



Fotosolution team are here to serve you! Our team will digitally transform your daylight images, giving them the stunning pink and gold hues of a glorious sunset. Get ready to create an inviting and warm ambiance that will make your listings shine.

Let’s contact us: right now to learn about the power of our virtual twilight products.

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Announcement of New Office Establishment

Dear valued customers,

We are delighted to announce that we have opened a new office to meet the growing demand for our services. Our new office is located at 131A Highland St, Worcester, MA, 01609.

The new office will provide full consulting and customer support services like our main office. It will be a point of feedback reception from our customers to help us improve our services.

We hope that this new office will allow us to reach more customers and provide the best experience for them. For any inquiries or appointments, please contact us at 774-641-2965 or email Jason Nguyen at

We sincerely thank our customers for their support and partnership with us.

Sincerely, Management team.



To welcome 2023, Fotosolution has special programs for all new clients as your regulars.

“Special price offer for new customers who register during low season especial to welcome New Year!
Contact me: now and get 3 standard Image Enhancements OR 1 Day to Dusk edit free”

Visit Fotosolution, we will provide some real estate editing photo services including:

  • HDR Photos

  • Virtual stagging

  • Day to night ( Twilight photo)

  • Real estate video editing
  • Floor Plan

Why Choose Us for Real Estate Image Editing?

Fotosolution has successfully provided real estate image editing and image post-processing services to numerous real estate agencies and real estate photographers. By becoming a member of Fotosolution’s big family, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Quality: We always cater our photo retouching service to each client’s taste
  • Economy: Competitive prices and discount for bulk orders and for regular customers
  • Fast Turnaround: Turnaround time-matter. About 24 hours, our default delivery time is 24 hours. That’s why we deliver 99.8% of all order on time.
  • High Volume Capacity: Our team dispose of more than 5000 images per day.
  • Privacy&Security: Your photos will not be published to any third party without your permission.
  • Service 24/7: We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.

Don’t hesitate!. Let’s contact: right now to receive your best offers.


Top Real Estate Photography Trends for 2023

It’s important for photography companies and photographers, in general,to be up to date with the newest developments as real estate marketing continuously changes in response to emerging trends and technologies.

Check out these top real estate photography trends for 2023 to maintain your services competitive and your media appealing to brokers and house purchasers. Many effects will affect your photographic business.

Natural – Looking Style

A necessary trend for real estate photography in 2023 is a shift towards more natural-looking real estate photography. Basically, it involves adjusting white balance, color temperature, and even adding back certain color casts to make the property image appear more realistic rather than precisely retouched.

As a result, real estate photography in 2023 will accurately represent to viewers what they will encounter while visiting the property. The goal of a real estate photographer is to maintain authenticity while still making the property look appealing so that potential home buyers will want to see more.

Vertical Photos

Vertical photos are the next big thing in real estate photography ideas for your business. Vertical photos are simply photos in portrait orientation with an aspect ratio tailored to fit the mobile phone screen. They can often provide a more comprehensive view of a property than horizontal photos can.

In the modern world, the majority of house buyers use mobile devices, they interact with vertically oriented media more frequently than horizontal competitors. Real estate agents will require more vertical images and videos as a result, and they will likely request these services from real estate photographers in the coming year.

In addition, vertical photos give online home buyers a much better sense of space and detail when they scroll through their news feeds, increasing their chance of interacting with the media.

Drone Photos

One of the most popular real estate photography ideas is still real estate aerial photography in 2023. Aerial photography may not only show off houses in their best light, but it can also give prospective buyers a bird’s eye view of the community, including its schools, churches, recreational parks, and other landmarks.

Drone photography is also great for shooting properties from unique perspectives and emphasizing their distinctive qualities.

Close-Focused Photos

Growth in the use of close-focused images will be the last trend for real estate photography in 2023. The large space and the rooms are the main subjects of these real estate photography concepts, which also show various details and items that convey subtly diverse personalities and aesthetic elements. Additionally, close-up shots can highlight details that might be missed in wider shots.

In other words, adding a mix of close-ups and wider shots will provide a good overview of the home, ensuring a true-to-life view with no unpleasant surprises when attending a physical showing.

To improve your current photo products, let’s think about applying these four real estate photography suggestions. Of course, these are just guesses – only time will answer what the actual trends will be. But whatever the case, we believe that some ideas will use for all businesses for real estate marketing.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 – Fotosolution

With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you and your family!

Tips & Tricks


HOW TO ADD FIRE FOR REAL ESTATE IMAGES ?” is one of the most basic requests in Photoshop as in real estate editing services. So, Are you trying to add fire to your real estate images? In this document today, we will share with you how to add fire to fireplaces in real estate photos by using Photoshop.



The Advantage of Adding Fire For Real Estate Images?

Step 1: Preparation

The first thing you need to do is get a good picture of the fireplace.
You need this image so the real estate photo editor can easily polish the photo.
Additionally, you must obtain a high-resolution image of flames, which is simple to find online on stock photo websites.
It is best to choose a fire image that looks natural and not photoshopped.

Step 2: Open Adobe Photoshop

First, open both photos in Photoshop. In the image with the fireplace, you start creating the path for the fire by using Pen Tool.

Then, let’s use Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C keyboard commands to copy the fire flame image that you want to add to the existing picture. In the interior image, you can use Alt + Shift + Ctrl V or choose Paste Special to place the image in the frame.

Your fireplace is currently visible on fire! What you need to do now is resize and fix the perspective to make it natural. To adjust the flame to fit the fireplace, you can press Ctrl and T, then click with the right mouse button and select Distort.

Step 3: Using Screen Effect

At this moment, the flame should be visible in the fireplace. Next, you should create a screen effect by changing the blending mode. You should have an 80% capacity and select Normal to Screen.
Remove the fire’s sharp edges with the Brush Tool if you want to make the flame appear more natural. You can set the hardness to 0%, but make sure the background is that set to black.
Finally, you can add fire for real estate images.



The process to add a fireplace is similar to TV screen replacement. How simple it is! If you are busy and do not have time to do it, outsourcing a photo editing service is a good choice. Fotosolution – our team will help you process them if you need any support.

“Special price offer for new customers who register during low season.

Contact me: right now and get 3-5 standard HDR or 1 Day to Dusk edit free.”

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Tips & Tricks

How to do TV Screen Replacement in Real Estate Photos?

TV screen replacement in real estate photos is one of the popular requests Fotosolution – we received when working with customers in the real estate photography editing market. Therefore, we decided to write this post to share how to insert a photo in Photoshop to a blank TV screen to assist individuals who want to replace their TV screens on their own but are unsure of how to do it effectively.



Step 1: Preparation

To make this work possible, you need to have or choose one image you want to use on the screen. You can find natural images, beach photos or sunset pictures, or even another photo of your listing.

Below are some images we often use for TV screen replacement

Step 2: Open Adobe Photoshop

First, let’s open an image of an interior space in Photoshop. Remember that the interior space you choose – should feature a TV screen.

Next, let’s use the Pen Tool to draw the path of the selection. The picture path should then be selected and copied using Ctrl+Enter for the screen replacement. Making use of the Ctrl + A and C functions makes this simple to do.

Step 3: Begin the Process of Replacement

Open the photo and use Alt + Shift + Ctrl V. (or you can click to “Edit” on the top bar, choose Paste Special, then click to Paste Into). The photos should show up in the selected area.

Now your image is on the TV screen. You can adjust the image by using Ctrl+T to drag the photo and make it look smaller.

Next, click on the right mouse and select Distort to move the photograph’s four corners into the TV’s corners.

Finally, change the blending mode to “Screen” for a good screen effect. Don’t forget to lower the photo’s opacity to about 80% to make the image less intense and blend well into the screen.



How simple it is! What do you think about our sharing? If you are busy and do not have time to do it, outsourcing photo editing service is a good choice. Fotosolution – our team will help you process them if you need any support.

“Special price offer for new customers who register during low season.

Contact me: right now and get 3-5 standard HDR or 1 Day to Dusk edit free.”

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Amazing Product Photography Retouching: Before And After

Product photography retouching is a necessary aspect of digital photography. In recent years, it has grown in popularity as a means to make items look better.

A poor product image can lead to loss and reduce sales, which is why it is important for photographers and businesses to ensure high standards and hire professionals like for retouching their product photos.

What is product photography retouching ?

It is the procedure for making a product photo look better. This can involve removing blemishes, adjusting lighting and color, and adding effects like filters or borders. It can make a product appear more polished and marketable.

Businesses could choose to edit their product photos for a variety of reasons.

Improve the aesthetic appeal of their products

Businesses may utilize picture editing to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their products in a world where first impressions are necessary. Companies can improve sales by editing photographs to make their products more enticing to potential buyers.
It can be applied to correct flaws or highlight particular aspects of an image. Retouching can be used, for instance, to remove a little scratch from the photo of a product. Or, retouching can be used to brighten and make a product that was photographed in low light appear more attractive.
Retouching can be a great tool that allows businesses to showcase their products in the best possible way, even though others may consider it as cheating.

Correct inaccuracies or inconsistencies in an image

Retouching images is a technique that can be ultilised to fix errors or inconsistencies in a photo. It might be designed to enhance the product’s overall appearance or make it appear more exact than its actual counterpart. Retouching product images can be used to correct problems with lighting, contrast, and coloration. Additionally, it can be done to clean up any blemishes or other flaws in the picture.

Product Photography before image retouching

Product photos are frequently a necessary component of marketing efforts and can be helpful in persuading customers to purchase a product. They might also be outdated and imperfect, which would harm sales.
So, is it possible to enhance photographs before using them?
Yes, images can be improved before being utilized by being retouched to make them appear more contemporary and polished. It may enhance the perception that customers have of the product and increase sales. This kind of image improvement is possible thanks to a number of software tools, which makes it simple for firms to achieve their goals.

Product Images after image retouching

Product photography is one of the most important aspects of promoting a product. It can help to sell a product, as well as show off its features and make it look more attractive.
Product photographs can be enhanced via software or by employing experts like, who can enhance the image’s appearance and increase its viewer appeal.

So, following-image retouching methods include :

  • Brightening: Increasing the contrast in an image can make it appear brighter. To do this, change the level of white and black in the picture.
  • Shadows can be removed by selectively darkening portions of the image while leaving other portions unaffected. As a result, the shadows are less visible and are more likely to blend into the background.
  • Reducing Noise: By removing sharp edges and patching up small rips in the photo layer, background noise can be decreased.

Advantage of Product image retouching

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time-saving
  • Acing the social media game
  • A boost in sales and conversions
  • Competitive advantage
  • Notable reduction in returns
  • Minimized shooting time
  • Assurance of quality
  • Better results

Professional image retouching services

Professional image retouching services are necessary for any business that sells products online. It can be hard to make your products look their best when they are displayed on a website or in an e-commerce store, but with the assistance of a skilled retoucher, you can get the ideal look for your product photographs.
A skilled retoucher will be familiar with a variety of software packages, able to bring back lost detail and remove flaws from a photograph. They might also be able to change the color and lighting or add additional features.
Generally speaking, a skilled retoucher will take the time to comprehend your unique requirements and objectives for your product photographs and will provide results that you will be pleased.

Fotosolution – Product photography retouching services

Fotosolution is a trustworthy image retouching service that can assist you in enhancing images that have issues with contrast, color, and other factors.

Your photographs will be improved by their professionals using a variety of ways, so you can be confident that they will produce the outcomes you desire.

Working and choosing the services of Fotosolution, you will get:

  • You can save time with the short turnaround time thank benefit of the time zone ( from 8-12 hours).
  • We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.
  • Your photos will not be published by any third party without your permission.
  • We offer 3-5 photos edited for trial without any fee
  • We use the latest image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS6and CoreIDraw to give you the most attractive photos

If you are looking for the best image retouching services, Fotosolution is the best option. Our services can help you improve the appearance of your photos, making them look more polished and professional. Contact us ( today to get started!

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Photo Retouching Services Can Help Improve The Quality of Your Photos

Photo retouching services can help improve the quality of photos” How do you think about this quote? Do you think it’s right or wrong? Now we will discuss and find the exact answer to this quote.

Photo Retouching Services Online

Photo retouching services online can be used to improve the appearance and quality of a photograph. The type of service can be made to remove blemishes, correct skin tones, and remove unwanted objects from an image. Additionally, they can improve the brightness and color of your photos, giving them a more dynamic appearance. If you want to improve the quality of your photos, let’s consider using a photo retouching service online.

The first step to using photo retouching services online, you must upload your photos to the service’s website. When the photograph is uploaded, the user is provided with a variety of tools and options that can be made to improve the appearance of the image. The user can then download the enhanced image.

The methods used for picture retouching vary based on the sort of image that is being altered. When you are looking for photo retouching service, you need to consider some factors such as: the quality of their work, the pricing options, and the turnaround time.

Why you should use online retouching services ?

  • Going online may be more practical than physically visiting a place.
  • Compared to local businesses, online services could provide more features and possibilities.
  • People could believe that even an online service will provide better outcomes than a local one.
  • They are quick and easy to use. The majority of internet photo editing tools are relatively simple to use. You may only choose your options, submit your photograph, and pay for the service. Your image will appear at its finest in just a few minutes.
  • They are inexpensive. Particularly when compared to professional photo retouching services, the majority of internet photo editing services are relatively affordable. Without investing a lot of money, you can achieve outstanding outcomes.
  • They’re versatile. Online photo retouching services can do everything, from removing blemishes to adjusting lighting levels.

Advantages when you are choosing professional photo retouching services online

High-quality images

Businesses may save money and guarantee the greatest quality of their photos by outsourcing their image retouching. It is because skilled and knowledgeable professional retouches can provide top hits. Whether it’s removing blemishes, adjusting colors, or smoothing out wrinkles, these editors know how to make your photos shine.

If you’re looking for beautiful, high-quality photos that will impress your clients, professional photo retouching services online will be the best choice.

Save Money and Time

You can save money on software by working with a pro. Many professional editing services already have software that is expensive and difficult to learn how to use. Also, applying professional photo retouching services will help you solve this issue
A professional can also help you save time. If you are unfamiliar with photo editing software, it can be very hard to learn how to use it. It implies that the editing of your images can take longer than you would want.

Boots Your Brand’s Images

Professional photo retouching can enhance sales by making a company’s goods and services appear more enticing to potential clients. Furthermore, professionally altered images can make a company’s website stand out from the competitors and seem more credible. A cost-effective strategy to achieve excellent results that might aid in the expansion of your business is to outsource photo editing.

Customization of your images

To help you achieve the exact appearance you desire, the majority of professional picture editing services provide a wide range of customization choices. Usually, you may select from a wide range of filters, frames, and textures to use on your images. To add captions or titles, you can choose from the variety of text possibilities. With this degree of personalization, it is simple to produce distinctive, individualized images that stand out from the competition.
Fotosolution company will be one of the best choices for you.

Visit Fotosolution company, you get:

Fotosolution have successfully provided real estate image editing and image post processing services to numerous real estate agencies, advertisers, and real estate photographers.

  • You can save your time with the short turnaround time thank benefit of the time zone ( from 8-12 hours).
  • We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.
  • Your photos will not be published by any third party without your permission.
  • We offer 3-5 photos edited for trial without any fee
  • We use the latest image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CoreIDraw to give you the most attractive photos

If you are looking for the best image retouching services, Fotosolution is the best option. Our services can help you improve the appearance of your photos, making them look more polished and professional.. Contact us ( today to get started!